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About Us

The Save-O-Seal Corporation is the distributor of Super Slitter Blades

%Top Quality Industrial Blades%Super Slitter Blades

Headquartered in Westchester County, NY we make only high quality, U.S. made industrial blades, and we have over over 40 years of blade design.

(S.O.S.) was established in 1970 as a packaging firm, specializing in poly bag packaging equipment. In 1981, S.O.S. added Super Slitters to its product line, blades designed for precision cutting of film, polyester, foil, paper, and polypropylene.

The S.O.S. poly bag packaging and sealing systems include drop sealers, poly baggers, and table model sealers (hot wire and impulse type). S.O.S. also represents the complete lines of:

PAC/AUDION – Vacuum chambers, vacuum gas bag sealers poly sealers, barrier bag sealers, Audion Sealmaster impulse sealers, and continuous bag sealers.

T.E.W. – Hand and pedestal type impulse sealers and cellophane sealers.

LATTER Packaging Equipment – L-Sealers, bar sealers, and shrink tunnels (standard and mini-models).

S.O.S. offers the performance advantages of LSR-1 Titanium Carbide Coated Blades for use with converters and extruders. Also known as Super Slitters, these diffusion-coated blades have been designed especially for slitting hard-to-cut LLDPE films. These blades provide:

– Longer cutting life
– Extremely hard
– Wear-resistant
– Tough Coating
– Lasts 5 to 35 times more

(depending on the materials to be cut).

Improved performance – Because Super Slitters maintain the consistency of the cut for a longer period of time, they last longer. Production capacity is increased and expensive down time for blade changes is decreased.

No resharpening required – Super Slitters are disposable.

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