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Below are a number of frequently asked questions we receive. If you don’t see your question listed here, please call us at 888-612-9292, or use our contact/quote form to ask us your question.

What makes your blades so special?

The proof is in the long-lasting results you will get when you test our blades for yourself. We can write about it all day.. but the proof is in the test.

We guarantee, that once you see the results of our blades, you will wonder why you had not switched sooner.

Why are tungsten blades better than steel?

Tungsten blades consistently outperform standard steel and coated blades by as much as 500 times. They have proven to have superior cutting abilities in use with synthetic fibers, highly filled film, coated film and foil, Linear Low Density Polythylene (LLDPE) and other problem materials.

Tungsten blades are also inherently sharper, resulting in smoother, cleaner cuts for a better quality product and less scrap. Another advantage to Tungsten blades is the fact that they can be resharpened which result in additional cost savings.

Why am I not able to place orders online?

We have found that most people have questions about type and sizing and therefore we want to make sure that your purchase is the for the right size and job at hand. Our friendly staff is trained to take your order and fill it the right the first time. Our regular customers love chatting us and finding out about special pricing as they occur.

If I need blades right away, how soon can you ship them?

Most orders are shipped same day. In cases where a specialty application blade is ordered, there may be extra processing time to fulfill your order. In all cases our delivery times have been extremely well received.