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Official Manufacturer and Distributor of

Official Manufacturer and Distributor of

Save-O-Seal Corporation provides industrial blades that are used for precision cutting for any material. We offer a range of blade types, such as slitter, titanium carbide-coated, stainless steel, ceramic, and tungsten blades. For several decades now in the industry, we have offered only the highest quality of industrial blades that are made in the U.S.

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Our Super Slitter Blade Technology

There is a Difference between PVD and CVD coatings.

We offer the performance advantages of LSR-1 titanium carbide-coated blades that are used with converters and extruders. Also known as Super Slitters, these diffusion-coated blades have been designed especially for slitting hard-to-cut LLDPE films. Super Slitter Blades are CVD-coated, which is a chemical bond whose bond strength is many times stronger than achieved through the PVD process. CVD is typically used for carbide inserts, forming tools, and other high load applications. Due to the high processing temperature, all the steels and High-Speed Steels (HSS) must be heat-treated after the coating process.

Why Choose Our Super Slitter Blades

Super Products

A robust, wear-resistant proprietary surface treatment is applied to our blades, which is as smooth as the surface it is used on and needs no subsequent finishing. Our customers report an increase of at least 10 to 15 times over conventional stainless steel blades.

Super Prices

Our staff is continually researching the marketplace for ways to improve our blades for performance and safety. The process we currently follow lengthens the life of stainless steel blades by 5 to 30 times, resulting in fewer blade changeovers and significant savings!

Super Customer Service

We offer the best customer service in the industry. Before committing to a run, our support staff can assist you in making the right blade decision at the outset. Our knowledgeable staff can help you before you make a purchase, saving your time and financial resources. The right blade will ensure the right results for the job.

Buy Slitter Blades With Confidence

We are so confident that you will agree our products are the best industrial blades you have ever used that we are offering free samples for you to try. To get a free quote, request free samples, or place an order, please call us today at 1-888-612-9292 (toll-free).