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Dedicated to Providing High-Quality Industrial Blades

Super Slitter Blades are of the highest-quality titanium carbide-coated blades that money can buy. Headquartered in Westchester County, NY, we make only first-rate and US-made industrial blades. We have more than 45 years of blade design experience, making us knowledgeable of the industry.

Save-O-Seal Corporation was established in 1970 as a packaging firm, specializing in poly bag packaging equipment. In 1981, Super Slitters was added to our product line. These are blades designed for the precision cutting of film, polyester, foil, paper, and polypropylene.

Our Super Splitter Blade Technology

There is a Difference between PVD and CVD coatings.

We offer the performance advantages of LSR-1 titanium carbide-coated blades that are used with converters and extruders. Also known as Super Slitters, these diffusion-coated blades have been designed especially for slitting hard-to-cut LLDPE films. Super Slitter Blades are CVD-coated, which is a chemical bond whose bond strength is many times stronger than achieved through the PVD process. CVD is typically used for carbide inserts, forming tools, and other high load applications. Due to the high processing temperature, all the steels and High-Speed Steels (HSS) must be heat-treated after the coating process.

Improved Performance

With the Super Slitters’ tough coating, they are extremely hard and wear-resistant. In addition, our blades maintain the consistency of the cut for a more extended time, so they last longer. As a result, production capacity is increased, and expensive downtime for blade changes is decreased.

Our blades are disposable and do not need re-sharpening. With their materials, they can stay sharp 5 to 35 times longer than others. These qualities are sure to save valuable time and resources.

Quality Materials Lead to an Extended Blade Life

The companies who have used our products have reported that our blades are more durable than any other blade. Our wear-resistant materials are super hard and sharp. Longer lasting blades will reduce your overall cost of tools and materials each year. Our products never need sharpening, decreasing downtime on your projects.


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